Make a Wedding Bouquet in Pink

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To make a wedding bouquet in pink roses and snapdragons similar to the one pictured below, you'll need the following supplies:


Grande Bridal Bouquet Holder
8 stems Leatherleaf Fern
2 stem flat Sword Fern
2-3 blades Lemon Grass
10-15 blades Bear Grass
3-4 Large, light pink roses
7 stems bright pink Snapdragons
2-3 stems dyed Hot Pink Statice
1 stem pink Wax Flower
2 stems green Hypericum Berries
2-4 stems pink Asters
Floralock Stem Adhesive
Wooden Cowee Picks
Finishing Touch

Step 1: Greening in the Bouquet Holder

Florists greens are a marvelous way to add a great deal of interest to any bridal bouquet. Different green varieties, berries, and decorative grasses add so many interesting elements to the design!

Step 2: Pink Roses

Open pink roses are the focal flower of this bridal bouquet.

Step 3: Pink Snapdragons

Snapdragons are a elegant line flower, adding beauty and color.

Step 4: Dyed Statice

Brightly dyed statice is an colorful way to deepen the pink tones, adding depth and character to the design.

Step 5: Final Flowers and Treatments

Finish with smaller fill flowers, such as asters, hypericum and wax flower.

Don't forget the important step of securing your stems solidly into the florist foam with Floralock stem adhesive.

Finish every flower arrangement as a professional would. Use a sealant spray such as Finishing Touch to lock the moisture into the flower heads and actually continue hydrating thru their petals.

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