Make a Rose Boutonniere

Adding Colored Pearl Accents

I love adding jeweled accents to both corsages and boutonnieres.  Sometimes it is necessary to cut down the pin to a shorter length.

Be sure to wear safety goggles.  Flying sharp points can severely injure your eyes.  Be smart and be safe.

I always insert the pin deeply into a piece of dry foam to prevent the pieces from flying across the room.  

Use a heavy pair of wire cutters to snip the pin to the correct length.  Place your finger on top of the pearl pin to keep it in place when cutting.

Cut to the desired length, probably about 1/2 inch.

I bury the pin, pushing it in at an upward slant, making sure it doesn't come out the backside of the boutonniere.

Be creative.  You can mix or match pearl colors, put them in a straight line or overlay on top of a satin ribbon wrap on the stem.

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