Make a Rose Bouquet Cascade

Easy Step-by-Step Flower Tutorials

Make a rose bouquet of exotic blue roses by following my step by step tutorial pages. Blue roses are actually more of a deep violet with a bluish cast to the petals. If you want royal blue roses, you may have to go with a Holland dyed blue variety.

After greening in the bouquet holder, I'm now ready to begin adding the focal flowers. Remove any outer protective petals from the rose that may have thorn or bruising damage. Always leave these petals on until you are ready to design. They will protect the rose until needed.

I start by inserting two roses in the center of the holder, one tilting slightly upward. I place two more roses, one at the top and a longer one from the bottom. This begins to form the height and length of the bouquet.

Now I begin to insert the roses on the outer rim of the bouquet. Be sure to cut the stems long enough to insert about 1" to 1 1/2" deep. Too much deeper and you won't have room in the foam for very many stems. Much less, and the flower won't be secure in the holder.

The bouquet has now taken on the basic shape and size. Flower heads should extend just slightly beyond the tips of the greenery.

Don't be too perfect or exact in the flower placement. Clustering heads a little closer here or there, or keeping one slightly off balance gives a more casual, natural feel to the bouquet.

I want some color contrast, so I'm placing three open roses in a pale, pinkish blush in a triangular pattern around the two center roses.

Stagger the depth of some of the rose heads as well, which will keep your bouquet from seeming flat.

Now you have a nicely shaped cascade, ready to be filled in with other variety of flowers.

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