Make a Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

Before beginning to make a hydrangea bridal bouquet, choose the largest size bouquet holder you can. Hydrangeas are very thirsty flowers and will suck up water quickly to stay hydrated.

I love the new SuperWet bouquet holder by Oasis, because it has a hollow handle with a built-in wick. After you are done designing, simply uncap the bottom and put the bouquet in a vase of water. Your flowers can be designed ahead of time without the fuss of continually re-watering the foam.

Hydrangeas have large, thick stems, so they take up a lot of room in a holder. Be sure to INSERT ONLY ONCE - since putting in and taking out stems too many times degrade the foam and causes it to crumble.

Hydrangeas are very large, so it won't take many stems to cover the bouquet holder.

Hydranges are cluster flowers, made up of small laterals that branch off a main stem. You may have to separate some of these off as you later narrow your bouquet down the cascade.

Cut the stems off short with a sharp knife, angling the cut to make insertion into the Oasis easy. Be sure to cut with a sharp blade, as scissors are known to crush and destroy plant cells, pinching them off making it hard to suck water up the stem.

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