Make a Flower Corsage

Wiring Corsages and Boutonnieres for Weddings

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Make a flower corsage of fall colored mums and an alstroemeria lily. Most corsages are wired in a similar manner, but there is a little twist to wiring mums and daisies.

Cut the stem of the mum short (about 1" to 2" long.)

Insert a thin wire (I like 22 gauge because it is flexible and still gives a good support to the flower stems) up through the bottom of the cut flower stem.

Push up until the wire comes out from the center of the mum.

Make a hook on the end of the wire and pull down gently until the hook is buried in the center of the flower head.

Tape the stem from the head of the flower down to the end of the wire.

Bend the wire gently so the head of the flower will face outwards rather than straight up.

Here I've tucked a small filler flower (I used Babies Breath) and a sprig of pulmosa (a feather like fern) and taped to the wire. Don't use too much, or the "fillers" will begin to overpower the main blooms!

Add a cluster of silk corsage leaves to the back of the flower. The head should be slightly higher than the leaves. Tape downwards with corsage tape, stretching slightly as you twirl the stem in between your fingers.

After making another taped flower similar to the first, place it against the first flower. The head of the second set should be placed slightly lower and with the bent head facing away from the direction of the top head.

Tape the two sets of flowers together to the bottom of the wires.

I added a bit of hypericum berries for extra interest. You could place a small bud here if you'd like. The flower is now ready to be used as a boutonniere . . .but if you'd like a corsage, continue down to the next step.

Here I've wired a alstroemeria bloom (straight across the bulb of the flower, not up from the bottom) and added a cluster of hypericum berries to it.

Now lay this flower against the two mums.

Twist the stems lightly together to form a bond between the two tape-covered stems.

Tape all the wires together.

Add a corsage bow, placing it's wires in between the heads of the flowers. Pull the wires through and tape to the base wires. Add another corsage leaf under the bow. Tape. Add corsage pins or a wristlet band.

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