Make Dendrobium
Orchid Corsage

A white dendrobium corsage can be made quickly gluing your corsages together with professional floral adhesive and using a beautiful corsage bracelet

For this beautiful corsage, you will need the following supplies:

If you've never glued flowers before, browse the various step by step corsage tutorials so you understand how flower adhesive should be used.

Once you are familiar with it, you'll be surprised how quickly many different designs can be made.

All our corsage bracelets come with the flexible design disk making gluing very easy to do.

Glue some ivy leaves to the flexible disk and allow to dry as you prepare your dendrobiums.

Take care to wash your hands before touching the orchids, as the oils from your fingers can cause browning and premature wilting of petals.

Wire individual dendrobium flower heads with 26 gauge wire.  They can be wired with a hairpin wire up through the blossom head or with the wire piercing through the base of the flower.

Finish by taping the green wire of both flowers with white floral tape.  Lay one flower on top of the the other and tape together.  This will be the small cascade that trails down one side of the corsage.

Glue this wired set of blooms onto the corsage disk on top of the ivy leaves.  Glue on a sprig of the ming fern to one side.

Begin gluing the rest of the dendrobium blooms onto the design disk, pointing the blooms outward from the center of the disk.

Glue in sprigs of ming fern between the flower heads.  Finish by gluing rhinestones in among the flowers.

Mist well with Finishing Touch and allow to dry before refrigerating.

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