Make a Colonial Bridal Bouquet

Misting with a Flower Sealant

If you are making your own wedding flowers, always think "hydration, hydration, hydration".  Keeping the florist foam wet (remember - these are live plants that are actively drinking" and that your home conditions are not built like a florist's cooler.

Air conditioning and home refrigerators are built to REMOVE humidity from the air.  Florist's coolers are built to put humidity INTO the air.  Since you don't have that advantage, you need to mist your flowers well with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch.

It seals and hydrates thru the petals and slows down petal transparency.  Mist well, and wait for it to dry before putting in a refrigerator.  

If you cannot refrigerate all your flowers, keep them in a cool basement or air conditioned room away from light sources.

On the other hand, if you need a flower to open more, (such as lilies) you can cut, dip in a re-hydrator (such as Quick Dip) and place near a warm (not broiling hot!!) window or patio door.

The flowers usually respond quickly by opening up.

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