Make a Colonial
Bridal Bouquet

Blue Delphinium

I absolutely love blue delphinium.  This is one of the few flowers that actually is "true blue".  In comes in a light, powdery blue and a darker, more dramatic deep blue.

One grower's bunch is considered to be 10 stems.  There are different grades, with a premium (much larger, taller variety) versus the normal, slender stalk.  This is the type you want to use in bridal bouquets and corsage work.

Cut the delphinium into pieces and insert randomly all around.

 I also tucked in a few sprigs of green hydrangea, but keep in mind that this is a very water loving plant and doesn't like hot summer days.  If your wedding day is going to be a scorcher - you may want to substitute stock flower or something else that holds up better than hydrangeas.

Keep hydrangeas well misted and hydrate the bouquet often during the wedding day when the bride is not holding it.

Fill in any more holes with wax flower until you have a tightly massed bouquet in a round shape!

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