Make a Centerpiece

Fall or Thanksgiving Theme

Although I intend to make this centerpiece a Fall themed one, the basic greening steps so far work for any season.  Leave out the pillar candle or change colors if you want a winter, spring or summer themed centerpiece.

If you want a Christmas arrangement, add in a few winter greens such as pine, Douglas fir or flat cedar.  It will add a wonderful fragrance and change the look.

Before adding in the fresh flowers, it's time to seal those greens so they last a long time.  Leaf Shine is a product used by florists to polish the leaves (giving them a shiny, glossy look) and keeps the moisture locked into the greens so they last longer.

Do not spray this on your fresh flowers - use a sealant made expressly for cut flowers such as Finishing Touch.

Holiday arrangements should be watered on a regular basis to extend the life of both your flowers and your greenery.

Now we're ready to add fresh flowers.

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