Make A Boutonniere

Learning how to make a boutonniere isn't that hard. However, buying boutonnieres can run into some serious money. The average cost at a professional flower shop can run between $25 to $40! Ouch! Remember - you are usually paying a premium for the labor rather than the actual supply cost.

You'll need a stem of alstromeria, a few sprigs of a filler flower such as limonium, hypericum berries, florist wire, a couple of silk leaves and green floral tape.

Cut off a single alstromeria bloom just below the caylx of the flower head.

Pierce the caylx with a standard floral wire that has been cut in half (a 26 gauge wire works well), pushing it thru until both sides are equal length.

Bend the wire down the boutonniere stem as shown below.

Starting high on the caylx, wind floral tape down the stem, pulling the tape gently so it stretches and attaches to itself.

The taping should be smooth and tight, clinging to the flower head and completely covering any exposed wire.

If desired, add some type of filler such as limonium or babies breath for a contrast in texture. Wrap it around from the back of the boutonniere, surrounding the bloom - but not quite as tall as the main flower.

Add a few silk leaves from behind and then tape to the original flower stem, securing the filler flower and the leaves to the alstromeria.

Berries or beads add extra interest to the design. Don't overdo them, making sure that the main focal flower (the largest) is not overpowered by the accessories.

Finish by giving the stem a curl upwards and adding a couple of boutonniere pins for attaching to the lapel.

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