Make a Boutonniere

Wiring Wax Flower

If you wish, you can simply cut off a clump of wax flower and tape some leaves to it.  But I like to pay attention to detail - so I take the time to wire individual sprigs.

This way I have control and can bend and manipulate the flowers the way I want them to look.  A little extra effort goes a long way towards giving your corsages and boutonnieres a professional look.

Using 26 gauge florist wire, slide it between the tiny "branches" of the wax flower and bend into a hairpin hook.  The wires will bend down straight forming a new, longer stem.

Tape tightly with corsage tape, pulling it taut as you twist it down the stem.  It will adhere to itself.

Cut off at the bottom with wire cutters - but leave a long enough stem you can work with.  Excess can always be cut off later.

Make up two or three of these smaller wired sections of wax flower.  You will be taping them together in the next step.

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