Make a Boutonniere

Wrapping Stems with Satin Ribbon

Wholesale ribbon used by professional florists comes in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns.  A staple for every flower shop is single faced satin ribbon.  It is crisp, cheap and comes in a large variety of colors.  There is a lot more yardage on a bolt than you normally see on bolts purchased at discount store.

I'm using a bright pink so that the color will show through under the diamond wrap I'll be adding later.

As you can see, I'll be cutting the wrap width down to match the width of the satin ribbon.

I tend to use floral adhesive.  You can use regular craft glue if you wish, but floral adhesive holds up even if wet or placed in refrigeration.  

Since I normally put boutonniere and corsage work in the refrigerator until the wedding day, I like using the floral glue.

It doesn't take much - be careful when squeezing the tube because the glue tends to come out very quickly.  It doesn't take much.

You will have to hold it in place for a few seconds - it doesn't adhere as quickly as hot glue.

Now my boutonniere is ready for adding a bit of sparkle and shine!

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