Make a Boutonniere

Using Diamond Wrap

When making corsages and boutonnieres, use of ribbons and flower jewelry adds beautiful interest and sparkle.  This product is called "River of Diamonds".  Although it sparkles in the light like rhinestones, it does not actually use any stones.  This keeps the cost down considerably.

This wrap is beautiful on tables, wrapped around bouquet handles, decorating card boxes and more.  It is often used on wedding cakes, but keep in mind that it is not certified for food use, so you must put a barrier of plastic or ribbon between the wrap and any food that will be eaten by your guests.

I love using this to add a lovely accent to corsages and boutonnieres.

It cuts easily with regular scissors into whatever width you desire.

I could apply it directly to the boutonniere stem, but I'm going to add a ribbon wrap first so that a bit of color comes thru.

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