Make a Boutonniere

Crimping Wire Ends

Florists make a boutonniere special by their attention to detail.  It's easy to cut a rose, wind some green florist tape around it and call it done. 

Unique design elements is what sets a design apart and commands higher prices.  I could have just cut the wire off at the bottom and finished this boutonniere.

Instead, I'm going to put another twist on a standard favorite by crimping the wire and creating a circle finish at the bottom.

Start by cutting the wire off with sharp wire cutters, leaving about a 2" tail.

I'm going to use a long shank corsage pin as the base to wind the skinny wire around.

Carefully twist the wire around the pin, keeping a tight even coil as you move up the shank.

It's up to you how tightly you want to coil to look.  I just wanted a simple twist effect.

Wind the entire length of the cut wire until it's complete.

Carefully slide the twisted wire off the pin.  Don't pull too hard or you may pull some of the wire off the bottom of the rose stem.

Pull the coiled wire up behind the boutonniere, creating a half circle finish to the bottom of the design.  I tucked the cut end under one of the coils in the back.

Try to keep all your boutonnieres uniform, making the loop the same size on all the ones you make.

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