Make a Boutonniere

Colored Wire Accents

Using colored wire as accents can make a boutonniere unique.  This decorative wire comes in different sizes, including 12 gauge and 6 gauge (twice as thick).  Both sizes come in 14 beautiful colors and are easy to bend and pliable enough to shape by hand.

Don't miss out on the versitality of Oasis flat wire and Skinny Wire.  They are an amazing way to add color and interest to any boutonniere or corsage.

Let me show you how . . .

Using a pair of needle nose pliers (or your own fingers), gently bend the end of the wire into a spiral shape.

Go tight or open.  Part of the fun of using decorative wire is that you can let your own imagination take hold!

Place the bent wire parallel to the boutonniere flower stems.  Allow the bent wire to be seen from the left side of the flower.

Bring the tail down and make a graceful curve up and over the wire itself.

Form another tight circle at the end of the cut wire and bend into a coiled shape.

Keep the curves easy and open, not pinching the wire too tightly to leave marks on it.

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