Make a Boutonniere

Adding Second Galax Leaf

Now the second galax leaf goes in the front and I WANT that downward curve so that the flowers aren't hidden.  You do not have to tape a support wire to this galax leaf.

Just tuck the leaf in close to the wax flower, snuggling it close under the flower heads.

Tape the second galax leaf in place, snipping off any excess stem.

See how the natural curve of the leaf cups under and adds a perfect touch to the boutonniere design.

Creative greens always add so much to boutonnieres and corsage work - and is so simple to make something inexpensive look so elegant.

This look works well using baby's breath instead of wax flower if you prefer.

Florists typically use galax leaves rolled in a vase pattern to be filled with baby's breath or wax flower.

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