Make a Bouquet of Roses

Easy Directions for Wedding Bouquets

If you make a bouquet without a professional florist stand , be sure to weight down your vase and make it very heavy. You don't want your bouquet toppling over at this point, because it could damage some of your rose heads.

This tutorial began with choosing the correct bouquet holder, inserting your first roses, and keeping the rose heads level. Now you fill in the rest of the roses into your bouquet.

The stems of most of the roses are about the same length.

But the ones towards the bottom are a bit longer, which will create a bouquet style that looks like a round dome.

Once finished, the roses should all be touching, concealing all the mechanics. Therefore the bouquet holder and foam head should be completely hidden.

The next step is to use Floralock to ensure that all of the roses stay firmly in place in this gorgeous bouquet.

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