Learn How to Make a Bouquet

Adding Robellini Fern

You can make a bouquet special and unique simply by the variety of greens you incorporate into the design.  Robellini fern can be used in so many different ways for wedding work.  

It looks great in bouquets and large altar sprays.  It make a fantastic background for candelabra flowers.  You can loop the individual leaves and use in both corsage and boutonniere work.  Just looking at this fantastic green gives me all kinds of creative ideas!

The smaller fronds could have made a great frame for wedding bouquets instead of the leather leaf fern.

Florists tend to get creative with scissors at time, trimming greenery into the shape that they want.  Here I've rounded off the sharp points, wanting to keep the oval cascade shape that I started with.

I inserted the entire stem into the bottom right of the greened bouquet.  I'm not going to add one onto the left, leaving an asymmetrical look.  

This way it tends to balance the longer ruscus stem coming down on the left side of the bouquet.

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