Make a Bouquet

Lavender Rose and Green Button Pomps

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You will need the following products to make this lovely lavender and green bridal bouquet:

Soak your bouquet holder in water that has been treated with cut flower food.  (Please don't skip this step - it affects the life of your flowers).

Cut a ring of carboard (about 5" diameter)that fits snugly around the head of the bouquet holder with a hole in the center. Staple your loops of ribbon to the cardboard.  Glue ivy leaves on top of the ribbon loops.  Glue pittosporum to the bottom of the collar until the carboard is completely covered.

Glue several cowee picks around the base of the bouquet holder.  Lock in with Floralock.  Rest the cardboard collar on top of this frame of Cowee Pick.

Glue more pittosporum leaves under the bottom of the collar, concealing the wooden sticks.

If needed - secure the collar with hot glue and allow to dry completely.  Set aside to dry and make sure the collar is securely in place before arranging flowers into the holder.

After arranging, secure flowers in holder with Floralock, squirting in among the stems as directed on the can.  Be sure to shake can throughly.

Gather discarded stems into bundle and secure tightly with a rubber band.  Trim off tops evenly.  Push the bouquet handle into the bundle of stems to create a mock hand tied stem bouquet.  You can also create a similar look using floral clay around the handle.

Always spray the bouquet throughly with Finishing Touch and keep in cool place until wedding day.  (Refrigeration is desired for bouquets and cut flowers if possible.  If not, leave in a cool, air conditioned room that is dark and away from windows).

If you need more detailed step by step photos, be sure to browse my bouquet tutorials for basic steps in creating fresh bridal bouquets.

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