Lomey Design System

Creating Tall Centerpieces Just Like a Professional!

What do all three of these tall wedding centerpieces have in common? They were all made using a Lomey Design System!

The Lomey Design System is an assortment of clear acrylic pieces that are glued together with special adhesive. Professional florists use this system to create a variety of stunning elevated centerpieces.

Tall glassware is usually expensive to buy, heavy to ship and transport to the reception hall always has the danger of breakage.

Florists have used these lightweight, inexpensive acrylic products like the Lomey Design System for years. They are versatile and can be used in many ways to create different tall designs.

The various pieces are glued together with permanent adhesive made especially for the Lomey system. However, you can use florist's clay instead if you'd like to eventually dismantle the set and be able to sell it through Craig's list or E-bay in order to recover some of your wedding expenses.

The two basic systems use the same principle. A wider base supports either pillars (hollow tubes) or pedestals (slender rods in an "x" shape) that fit into a universal base.

The tall clear columns are hollow. If you glue the pedestals, they can actually hold water. You can use all kinds of fillers in these pillars such as peacock feathers, submerged single roses, calla lilies, or dendrobium orchids, colored water beads , crystal garland, colored beaded wire , and more! These centerpieces are absolutely stunning if you glue a battery light at the top and bottom. Columns can glow for up to 8 - 10 hours if you use the right lights.

Columns come in three difference sizes: 14", 21" and 30".

These clear columns fit onto a universal base that has a flat bottom and can be glued to a flat bottomed base container.

You then glue ANOTHER universal base on the top of the column and you can glue a clear (or metallic finished) container on the top to hold your Oasis foam for your centerpieces.

Wrap the columns in lace, ribbon, glue on rhinestones, small photos or create a swirl of pearls. There are literally hundreds of different ways to create your own unique look.

Lomey pedestals are more slender and often used (turned upside down with the flat part up) inserted into centerpieces at different heights and then top with votive candles that are attached using florist clay.

This give a beautiful staggered look to holiday and wedding centerpieces. You can twine ivy, tulle or ribbon down the pedestal rod if you don't want the pedestal to show in the design.

On the pedestal's top round plate is permanently attached. Glue on crystal taper candle holders or a glass votive holder that you find at a bargain discount store.

The stem fits into the same universal base that was used for the hollow columns featured above.

See the center "X"? This is where you glue in the pedestal with the Lomey glue.

Once the pedestals or columns are glued to the ends, you then glue the base directly to a flat bottomed container.

The Lomey glue is water proof and holds tightly even if submersed under wet florist foam.

Planning on a really large floral arrangement at the top? You can glue columns side by side to create a more stable center.

Always finished with a final gluing around the outer edge of the universal base to ensure that the seal is tight and secure.

Leave the top open if you'd like to add extra focal points or design elements such as beaded wire.

Oasis round O'Bowl florist foam comes in 3 different sizes and can be used with your Lomey Design System.

Special made Pedestal cages are available in both Grande and Regular sizes for use with these designs. Neither the O'Bowl foam or the Pedestal cage have to be taped- they can be easily attached with the Lomey adhesive or florist clay.

Base plates are available in a variety of sizes, colors and finishes in my store. You can choose clear or black, flat white, or metallic gold/silver.

Clear glassware is really being featured in today's wedding centerpieces. Instead of the normal stems stuck down into a vase, a clear base plate is attached to the top and the inside of the vase is used for visual impact.

Clear gel, water beads, goldfish, chunky rocks and crystals are filling the bottom part of the vase.

Special round centerpiece lights give an upward glow and create a warm ambiance as the lights are lowered during the reception.

The LOMEY® 48 Series Dish is a curved acrylic piece that fits over different sized vases (both cylinder and urn shaped).

Place in on top of an ordinary vase and you now have a design tray that can hold flowers above the vase while you fill the empty center of vase (where stems normally are) with an object of interest such as a single orchid.

The 40 Series dish fits on top of most vases just like a lid. Use pedestal foam (attached by florist clay) and design a spray on top of the vase like usual.

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