Lily of the Valley Bouquet

Easy Wedding Flower Tutorials

Fresh bouquets need to have Floralock Adhesive squirted in among the stems to lock them into place.  Be sure to finish with a good misting of Finishing Touch flower sealant, letting it dry before placing the finished bouquet into the refrigerator.

Remember how I talked about how expensive (and perishable!) Lily of the Valley is?  This bouquet tutorial was actually created with good quality silks.

Silks can be realistic enough to convince your guests you are carrying the real thing (without chancing $400 worth of fresh to wilt before you even go down the aisle.)

Fresh white roses add to the illusion.  Using a hint of Lily of the Valley oil essence gives a sweet scent to your bouquet that mimics the real thing . . . for a fraction of the cost!  This is a bonus for the DIY bride who is trying to keep within a budget - but still getting the beautiful look of these lovely flowers!

Compare this bouquet with the $1000 fresh one that Princess Kate carried.  It was rumored that her hand wired bouquet was over $1000 and that several were made up to ensure that another was available for a quick substitute in case the one she carried began to show any signs of wilting.

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