Lily of the Valley Bouquet

Easy Wedding Flower Tutorials

After inserting all my Lily of the Valley stems, I am ready to add the white roses.  Be sure to remove any damaged guard petals and cut the rose stems to length before inserting into the wet foam.

It is always best to only insert one time into the foam.  Constantly inserting and removing flowers tends to degrade the foam and the flowers will become loose and not stay in place.

I inserted the first rose in the center of the bouquet and then begin adding more in a circular pattern, making sure to leave about the same amount of room between the roses.

Take extra care not to damage any of the Lily of the Valley stems.

This bouquet tends to take shape quickly and fills in well.

Change the position of the bouquet, so you can be sure to spread the roses evenly.  The first rose should be straight out from the center and the additional roses begin to take on an angle outwards until those on the outer perimeter are at a 90 degree angle from the center roses.

You can see that the roses give another color and texture to the all white wedding bouquet.

You need to be sure that the heavy bouquet is quite secure in the vase so that it does not topple forward as the heavy roses fill into the foam.  Falling out of the vase can damage or break your expensive stems or cause bruising that shows up within a few hours of designing.

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