Light Pink Roses

Basic Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

I'm going to add some light pink roses to this particular bridal bouquet design to give a little contrast and depth.

As you can see, I've chosen a pink that matches the throat the the green cymbidium orchids already used as the primary focal flowers of the design. Following nature can give you a lot of clues as to what shades and colors fit naturally together.

With at least a 3" cut stem, I want to insert the roses deep enough into the foam to allow them to draw water, but not so deep that it strikes the other stems of flowers already in the foam.

Don't forget to frequently check your design from the side, so the bouquet looks well rounded and that the flowers face outwards in all directions.

Once all the pink roses were placed where I wanted them, I added more Hypericum berries from the underside, lengthening their stems to be a little longer than the first ones placed in the design. See how you begin to work your way down from the center, rounding out the design while using the sections on the bouquet holder to separate out flowers?

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