Lemon Centerpieces
for a Wedding

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Green up OASIS® Garland and drape in front of your wedding tables and around your cake.See these fun lemon centerpieces that would be perfect for wedding reception tables, buffet food tables and more! The bright yellow of the lemons add an interesting look and texture to the centerpieces.

Lemon Wreath Centerpiece

Using an Oasis Wreath form, you can easily create this lovely and unique wedding centerpiece. Glue floral foam to a clear Lomey dish and wrap with waterproof tape.

After drying, soak the entire foam wreath in water treated with flower nutrients. Pin sheet foam to the wreath with greening pins or bent wire.

Insert wooden picks into the side of each lemon and insert one ring around the entire lower portion of the outside of the wreath. Create a second layer on top the same way. Insert yellow and white flowers into the Oasis floral foam in the tray that is placed inside the wreath.

Centerpiece with Lemon Slices

Using a deep clear bowl, slice lemons and place them on the inside rim of the bowl. Finish by adding flowers to the middle of the centerpiece. Extra interest is created by folding leaves over and pinning with decorative or rhinestone pins.

This lemon centerpiece uses whole lemons instead of cut and arranges them in a clear bowl. Again, the fresh flowers are positioned in florist foam that is nestled inside the lemons. This also looks well made as a lime centerpiece. Finish with long trails of draping ivy from the bowl.

Lemon Theme Wedding

You can even carry your Lemon Theme wedding to the church ceremony by including cut and whole lemons to the altar sprays or wedding urn sprays. Rows of Yellow Asiatic lilies, yellow roses and draping ivy or spengeri finish the look of these unique wedding bouquets.

All Photos above courtesy John Henry

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