Leaf Backed Bouquet Holder

Create the look of a leaf backed bouquet holder by laying the leaves down in a circular pattern on top of the florist glue.

Press down lightly on each leaf to secure it to the adhesive.  Be careful not to get any of the adhesive on your hands, as you can transfer it to the topside of the leaves that way.

Set the holder aside and give the leaves time to bond tightly to the back of the holder before continuing with flowering.

You can see the glue is rather stretchy and takes a bit to adhere completely.  Check all the leaves to be sure they are glued down.  If not - apply a little more adhesive to the underside of the leaf.

You can see that covering the back of the bouquet holder results in an attractive nature finish that conceals the holder completely.

Once those leaves are attached firmly, I use another leaf to wrap around the top of the handle stem.

I then use florist tape to secure that leaf, winding a bit of the tape directly over the leaf so the handle is completely covered.  I will later place stems over this handle to create a mock "hand tied" look.

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