Lavender Corsages for Weddings

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These lavender corsages for weddings don't look like the corsages from years ago! Lavish with bling bling, battery operated lights and yards of ribbon, they are gorgeous!

This is made with three "Delilah" roses. Made quickly with floral adhesive, this wristlet is stunning with a contrasting purple ribbon.

I adore using the Moodust Miniature Carnations from Florigene. Use several different types of ribbons to get a lot of contrast and interest.

This very cool corsage is backed with hand-molded decorative wire. The flowers are miniature Chinese carnations and a feathery flower called astilbe.

Delicate purple freesia peeks out from loops of patterned ribbon. The optical lights can be optional - cost can be decreased by excluding these from the corsage.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

You can learn how to make your own corsage using Oasis floral adhesive. Gluing corsages is much faster than the traditional taping and wiring method. Either way, don't forget to look into corsage stems and flower sealent to make your flowers last much longer.

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