Latex Wedding Balloons

Latex wedding balloons are sometimes referred to casually by non-professionals as "rubber balloons". Although you can commonly find latex balloons in discount centers, it is wise to always use a professional grade latex for your wedding decorations.

These balloons are designed to withstand the pressure of a helium tank and will expand without exploding in your face (or worse . . . after you have half of a floating arch up . . .).

I strongly recommend that you use a product called Hi-Float to extend the life of your floating balloon. (You don't need it for air blown balloons.). It takes a bit of practice to "get the hang of it" - but it's well worth the effort.

Hi-Float will extend the life of your floating balloon tremendously. A normal balloon will begin to gradually lose helium, sinking to the floor as the balloon begins to get heavier than the helium inside. Many disappointed brides used to arrive at their reception hall only to find those balloons that they industriously labored to blow up that morning are beginning to sag and droop.

Depending whether you use regular Hi-Float or Ultra-Hi-Float, your balloons can even be inflated and prepared a couple days in advance if you have access to your wedding hall. Believe me - you have better things to do with your time that waste it a couple hours before the ceremony furiously trying to blow up the last of those durned latex wedding balloons!


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