Las Vegas Wedding Cake

Need ideas for a Las Vegas wedding cake? Between the generosity of the members of and Wilton, you have several to choose from! For more information on copyright, please click on the actual photo.These cakes would do beautifully as both traditional and groom's cakes.

This first cake is by Lindsey T and shows a cool cake with playing card design.

Viva Las Vegas - Elvis style! This one speaks for itself! Thanks to Mermaid99 for sharing!

Here's a closeup of the Elvis cake topper.

Combining cards and dice in this unusual wedding cake courtesy of Mattebert on Flickr.

Manassary Cakes always does everything with such style and elegance.

StgFun took a picture of this unusual cake - apparently thru a store window.

Wilton has it's own style with card sheet cakes and cookies covered with fondant as the chips.

Wilton also has a more elaborate version with the whole poker table cake.

Here the bride isn't about to let him get away to the casino until AFTER the bridal chapel! This cake topper is available in my wedding store.

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