Large Church Wedding Decorations

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Large church wedding decorations take some planning if you intend on making them yourself. Florists don't usually make the arrangements in the actual container. That would be very heavy to move and transport.

Instead they are created in large "no show" floral containers. You then build up the bottom of the container with sturdy buckets turned upside down. Then set the arrangement down on the bucket and "fill in" with crunched up newspaper or other filler.

You may wish to green in the container at home - THEN add the flowers once you get to the church. Otherwise you may be dismayed to find the arrangement too tall and large to transport! If you have the greening finished, it only takes a short time to quickly add the flowers in on site. Be sure to keep the flowers cut as tall as possible, cleaned and ready to insert into the design.

Long linear flowers like gladiolus, delphinium, Asiatic lilies, liatris, carnations and snapdragons work well in these type of florals. Think BIG on the head of the flower - you need a lot of bang for your buck.

Learn how to make a large flower arrangement yourself! Since most big arrangements have a great water source, you can even do the florals at the church the day before and they will look great (but the church should be air conditioned).

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