Kissing Balls

Easy Directions for Wedding Flowers

Kissing balls are a charming alternative to wedding baskets or bouquets. Traditionally their history lies in the days of early England where they hung over doorways to entice gentlemen to steal a kiss from an unsuspecting girl.

It's easy to make a fresh pomander with this simple tutorial. Florists used to have to support an Oasis sphere by wrapping it with pottery tape. But with Oasis' netted spheres, that is no longer necessary. Soak the sphere in water that's been treated with cut flower food. This is an important step, because it will help extend the life of your flowers.

I'm going to use decorative ribbon as a handle. After cutting a length of ribbon, I thread it through the netting on the Oasis sphere.

Now thread the other end of the ribbon through the netting as well, so that both ends are secure in the netting.

Tie the ends in a square knot and trim the ends short.

You should be able to lift and hold the pomander ball by the ribbon.

The knot will be hidden by greenery and flowers later. Hang your ball by dowel rods or pin the ribbon around a clothes hanger so you can begin greening the pomander.

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