Ivy Wedding Reception Decor

Having an ivy wedding reception decor symbolizes the friendship of all those who gather there to honor the bride and groom. A bride who carries ivy in her wedding bouquet is declaring eternal love and devotion to her new groom.

Victorian brides would plant the ivy that was carried in the bouquet so they could pass down sprigs for their own daughters to carry in THEIR bouquet someday.

From garland to backdrops, this lovely greenery looks wonderful when placed in with a mix of flowers.

Here the ivy is placed in a heart form and used as a three-dimensional centerpiece.

Cascading off the edges of table in a long waterfall of green.

Connecting tiered cakes from one layer to another.

Hanging gracefully from a candelabra and sporting gorgeous white day lilies.

Surround the bottom of a hurricane globe. Ivy can be glued directly to the glass with floral adhesive.

Tall tiers of cake trail ivy as well.

Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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