Ivory Rose Wedding Bouquet

This traditional rose wedding bouquet is not as difficult to put together as you think.  Using my easy step-by-step tutorials, you can create beautiful bridal flowers while saving money by using your own free labor.  If you want, customize your bouquet by choosing different colored roses.

Learn how to buy wholesale wedding flowers online and avoid some of the hype that is promoted on some websites.   I allow you to buy mixed greenery in single bunches. Other "wholesale" websites price greens ridiculously high and ask you to buy way more than you need!

Here is what you'll need to create this breathtaking bridal bouquet:

This particular bouquet is about 28" long from the top of the bouquet to the end of the cascade.  I outline detailed instructions on creating a cascading bouquet in my bouquet tutorial section.

Keep in mind that you should place the roses at different depths to give more interest to the bouquet.  Note that the baby's breath is massed in one area to give more impact and visual interest.

When finished with the design, use Floralock to secure the stems into the bouquet.  Do not pull out any roses after spraying with this adhesive, as it will pull out foam with it.

Finish by misting with Finishing Touch and allowing to dry before refrigeration.  Please note that home refrigerators pull moisture out of the air - professional florist coolers ADD moisture to the air. 

Finishing Touch helps lock the moisture into the petals and keeps them fresher longer by sealing them against moisture loss.

Need more detail instructions for Bouquet Design?  Check out my step by step tutorials:

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