Inexpensive Centerpieces for Budget Weddings

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Inexpensive centerpieces don't have to look cheap. Here are some elegant ways to stretch those wedding budget dollars into a design that looks fabulous - yet saves a lot!

Wrap boxes with elegant gift print. Silver or plain white is a very classy look. Using an Oasis Iglue Holder , create a small flower design on top of your box wrapped in ribbon.

Called "breakaway" centerpieces, use different small glass vases as a holder for a single flower and cluster several together in the center of a table. These are especially nice for bridal showers if you want to present your guests with a token remembrance of your party.

This next centerpiece works in a similar way. Make up several tussie mussie style nosegays and wrap with waxed florist paper. Use the same color and vary it for a brighter look. Each separate flower bunch can double as gifts for your wedding guests after the party is over.

Fabric wrapped boxes or gift bags can double as an interesting container for a centerpiece. Be sure to arrange your flowers in a waterproof liner before slipping into the box. Using cheap flowers such as mums, carnations and daisies can keep these gaily wrapped delights within any budget!

Using a Bravo Holder makes these lovely flowers a snap to make and keeps the costs down as well. Either wrap ribbon or glue fabric around the holder for a unique design of your own choosing!

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Cut off excess flower stems and fill narrow, clear cylinder vases.Slip in one or two stems of Gerbera daisies or other smooth stemmed flower. Repeat in smaller votive candle holders for a matching accent.

All Photos courtesy John Henry. All rights reserved.

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