Creative Ideas for Party Favor Boxes

Gorgeous party favor boxes can even make a handful of candies seem like a million bucks! Take the time to decorate your favor boxes with satin ribbon, bling, and extra detailing. These will add so much to your reception tables and your guests will exclaim over the gorgeous setting.

These plain white boxes look marvelous with a raffia tied bow.

Slip a few beads or gems thru the strands for extra "Wow!" factor.

Mix and match boxes and treatments. Not every box has to be identical.

Mix more than one color in sheer ribbon for sleek elegance. Here the bride elected to have a gorgeous stacked display rather than putting each box at a place setting.

It doesn't even have to be a fancy bow. A simple square knot with the tied ends cut on an angle is very chic.

Printed boxes are couples with sheer and narrow ribbon. For extra glamour, glue on a few silk flowers within the ribbon loops.

Add a band of printed paper around the box and secure with a simple looped bow.

Buy already colored boxes, seal with an elegant foil sticker and add a tag for a lovely box that is assembled in minutes!

Wrap in a stylish print paper, add a brown paper band and tie with coarse string for this great-looking box.

Browse fabric stores for elegant treatments such as puffy heart, miniature fabric bows and more.

Experiment with looping ribbon for different effects.

You can even cut apart Chantilly lace and handpaint it with your own wedding colors.

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