Ideas for Inexpensive Centerpieces

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Looking for ideas for inexpensive centerpieces? Cheap centerpieces do not have to look CHEAP . . .you just have to use your imagination and shopping ability! The average cost of getting married has escalated in the past few years. But it is possible to cut the cost of bridal flowers significantly WITHOUT sacrificing beautiful table centerpieces.

Start with Cheap Wedding Supplies

Start early by hunting for cheap supplies everywhere you shop. Clearance bins, bargain racks and dollar stores are good places to find things that will make your wedding centerpieces look bigger at a bargain basement price!

In the spring you can find unique floral containers like this pastel watering can at your local garden nursery or discount store. Be sure to line it with a plastic container if it is not waterproof, or you will have wet tablecloths! Place a small Oasis Cylinder into it and fill with cheaper flowers like daisies, carnations or mums. Buy a large green ivy plant, cut off the trailers and soak them in water for at least 20 minutes. Then use the ivy in your centerpiece, inserting it into your florist foam just like a flower.

I don't think ideas for inexpensive centerpieces get much cheaper . . . but looks much classier than a fishbowl with floating candles!

Buy decorative gift bags from a local dollar store, weight it down on the inside of the bag with a brick or other large block of material and carefully set a flower arrangement inside it that has been made in a cheap floral container.

Fill with daisies, mums, carnations, or alstroemeria. Be sure to include filler flowers like babies breath, Monte Casino or golden aster to fill out your containers without a lot of cost. Isn't this pretty?

ideas for inexpensive-centerpieces-01

New Ideas for Floating Candle Centerpieces!

The discount stores are also a good place to find ideas for inexpensive centerpieces. Look for clear glass bowls with some height because of a metal or wood frame. Coil a water loving flower like a dendrobium orchid in the water and float a candle on the top. Simple, fairly cheap and with a true sense of elegance!

Terra Cotta Pot Centerpieces

Buy terra cotta pots from your local greenhouse (super cheap) line with plastic liners (don't skip this . . .they are very porous and will leak) and insert an Oasis cylinder and fill with greenery and the flowers of your choice. Insert tall candles and there you have it . . .more great ideas for inexpensive centerpieces!

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Check out my Inexpensive Ideas page for more ways to save money on a strict bridal budget.

Ideas for inexpensive centerpieces will start coming to you fast and furious as you shop all of these discount stores. But you will be lacking in one thing. . .florist supplies.

Since product markup and labor expenses accounts for the largest part of the cost of bridal flowers, you can save by providing the labor yourself. The only difficulty is obtaining all the florist supplies you will need. Since a majority of the products are only available through a wholesale floral supply warehouse . . you must have a resale license to buy. I have provided everything you will need in my wedding supply store.

Since I work hard to keep the prices low enough that it makes it worth your while to do the labor, please keep in mind to ORDER EARLY. I have several different warehouses and wholesalers that I order from on a regular basis. Real florists order for weddings at least a MONTH in advance to guarantee product delivery. Please realize you should not wait until the last minute to order the products your need or your bulk wedding flowers.

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