Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

A hydrangea wedding bouquet features large, stunning blooms that come in an array of colors, including white, pinks, blues, greens and varies shades of each.

This is a seasonal wedding flower, so check with your flower wholesaler for availability in your area.

This bouquet is features soft white and pink. The blooms are so large that it only takes three or four stems to make a sizable bouquet.

This is a thirsty flower, so be sure it has a water sources. If you carry it as a hand tied bouquet, be sure to return it to a vase of water when you aren't holding it.

Be sure to have a vase filled with water on your bridal table at the reception so that it can be displayed all night in it's full beauty.

If you do have the handle ribbon wrapped or braided, be sure to mist throughly with a flower sealant such as Finishing Touch, which actually hydrates flowers through their petals, helping prevent early wilting.

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