Hydrangea Bridal Wreath

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This stunning hydrangea bridal wreath is very simple to make and will dry into a gorgeous reminder of your wedding day. Although blue hydrangeas are shown, you can make a similar wreath out of any color and add other flowers if you like.

You will need 15 stems of hydrangea, florist waterproof tape, cut flower food, stem adhesive, flower sealant and a 15" Oasis wreath base.

Wrap the entire wreath with waterproof tape approximately 1 1/2" apart. This gives the foam extra support when it is hung.

Float soak the wreath in water that has been treated with cut flower food. Secure the stems of the hydrangeas into the foam with a flower adhesive. Such large stems will tend to fall out without this added security.

Be sure to keep the Oasis wet right up to the wedding day. Keep remisting often with the flower sealant to keep petals from drying out.

Fresh Floral Supplies

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