Hydrangea Bridal Bouquet

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A hydrangea bridal bouquet is easy to make - just remember it is a very thirsty flower and will wilt easily without a water source. You must be sure to spray it with a water sealant such as Finishing Touch or something similar to help it hold up throughout your wedding day and reception.

This blue hydrangea bouquet holds it's own with only the accent of a few ribbons. Wired ribbon will hold it's shape better than regular satin ribbon.

Don't be surprised if white hydrangeas have a very green tint to them - it's in the nature of the flower. Here I have accented this bouquet with calla lilies and pink Gerbera daisies.

To make a cascade with hydrangeas you must use a wedding bouquet holder with a large head of Oasis foam. Hydrangea stems are very large and will take up a lot of room. Be sure to secure in with stem adhesive.

Hand-tied bouquets are sweet with one or two stems tied with a ribbon wrap. Be sure to keep in vases when not holding the bouquet.

I use Finishing Touch to seal all my bouquets. It dries quickly and clear and helps keep the blooms hydrated. I wouldn't make a bouquet without it!

Simple arrangements made with hydrangeas in clear vases is a beautiful way to decorate your tables. Consider adding water beads to add more interest to the bouquets. Economical and easy to use, they add a beautiful dimension to your bouquets.

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