Hydrangea and Gerbers
Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet Design Techniques

This hydrangea and gerbers bridal bouquet is just about complete. Inserting the pink gerbera daisies is the last step. As you can see, in the previous steps of this tutorial I've already created the body of the bouquet and cascade with green hydrangeas. I then inserted light pink roses all over the bouquet.

I begin by gently inserting two standard light pink gerbera daisies in the upper right of the bouquet. Be sure to cut the stems of these flowers with a sharp knife, since regular scissors can crush the delicate, straw-like stem of a gerber daisy.

As you can see from a different angle, I generally position all my flowers, moving from face on in the center to gradually facing outward towards the sides of the bouquet. This way the bridal bouquet looks good from any side view, as well as front on. Otherwise the bouquet would have a rather "flat" appearance.

For a little depth perception and contrast, I added hot pink gerbera daisies in the bottom half of the bouquet. The bridesmaids were wearing two different shades of pink in this wedding and I wanted to pick up both color shades.

The last step on this hydrangea bridal bouquet is to add a dramatic flair by giving a framework of light green flat fern as a frame around the bouquet.

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