How to Make a Hurricane Lamp Centerpiece

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Learn how to make a hurricane lamp centerpiece that looks beautiful and is easy to make. Professional florists know how to design wedding centerpieces quickly - they use the right florist products.

There are lots of products made by OASIS® that make designing wedding flowers very easy . . . and much more affordable. You just need to know what they are!

OASIS® Design Ring

I frequently use a wonderful OASIS® product called a Design Ring.These rings come in three sizes - but you will need the largest 14-1/2" Design Ring if you want to fit a large hurricane lamp in the center.

OASIS® foam is glued to a plastic tray. The center holds water and therefore makes it easy to green up your centerpieces several days before the wedding! Awesome!

Just keep it in a cool place and water as needed. The day before your wedding pop in the rest of the flowers into your hurricane lamp centerpiece and transport to the reception hall. Note: do not travel with the hurricanes in the centerpieces. Place them in the ring AFTER you arrive at the hall.

Good fresh flowers should last several days at normal temperatures, so you should be able to place them in the hall the night before and they'll be fine.

Step 1 - Soak your OASIS® Design Ring in Treated Water

Always soak your OASIS® products in water mixed with a professional flower preservative. Please don't use common "tricks" like soda or pennies to the water. With as much money as you invest in your wedding flowers, it pays to treat them like the professional florists do.

Do not force the foam or weight it down under the water. Always let it sink naturally to the bottom. It doesn't take long and assures you that there will not be any dry spots in the foam.

Step 2 - Green Up Your OASIS® Design Ring

Begin to green in your Design Ring with cut pieces of leather leaf fern.

I love to make the greens more interesting by adding long loops of lemon grass, seeded euclyptus, myrtle, and variagated pittosporum and ivy.

Now your Hurricane Lamp Centerpiece is beginning to take shape. Finish filling in with greens of your choice. If your table is a 72" round, don't extend the outer leaves much farther than 4" or it will begin to interfer with the place settings on your wedding tables.

Step 3 - Spray Greens with Leaf Shine

Finish your greening by using a product called Leaf Shine. This will make your leaves look lush and glossy. Otherwise water deposits tend to leave the greenery looking dull and spotted with a white residue.

Step 4 - Store in Cool Place Until Day Before Wedding

Since you can green up to 3 or 4 days before. After you are finished, place the greens in a cool area. Mist with Crowning Glory frequently and add water if tray is low.

Step 5 - Insert Flowers Day Before Wedding

The day before your wedding, insert the flowers of your choice.

Cut the stems about 2 to 3 inches and insert deeply into Oasis foam. Since the foam acts as a wick, it will draw water into the flower heads.

Be sure to keep adding water if the foam seems dry.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pour off excess water before placing on table or you may have wet tablecloths!

Picture of Examples

Hurricane Lamp centerpieces can also be made with design flower rings.

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