Hunting Wedding Bouquet

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A hunting wedding bouquet can certainly reflect your love of the outdoors and still be very beautiful! I usually encourage the bride to consider incorporating natural wood accents, colors such as oranges and greens, or consider incorporating a mixture of beautiful greens.

Leonidis roses have a creamy yellow hue in the center of the rose with a cinnamon burnt edges on the tips of the petals.

Here an interesting wreath collar brings a woodsy feel to the bouquet.

Here's a top view of the same bouquet.

Bright orange gerber daisies and deep red roses creates a bold look that fits well with a hunting theme.

I actually created this bouquet for my sister's wedding! I loosened a natural grapevine wreath and fitted the bouquet into the center of it.

Seeded eucalyptus and ornamental cabbage can give a completely different look, but still have an outdoor feel to it.

Interesting textures are created with decorative leaves, green button pomps and lime green spider mums.

See hunting centerpieces and a cake here.

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