How to have a Hunting Theme Wedding

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Would you like to show your passion for the great outdoors by having a Hunting Theme Wedding? Share your passion for the great outdoors by making Hunting Wedding Centerpieces. But how can we use these things to make a floral wedding reception centerpiece?

Brainstorming Ideas for a Hunter's Wedding

What comes to mind when you think of hunting? Camouflage print material, duck decoys, deer antlers, lanterns, rifles . . . the list goes on and on.

Now you need to "hunt" for ways (uh . . . sorry!) to use these type of items in your homemade centerpieces. I think a great way would be to incorporate lots of different greenery in a reception centerpiece.

Let me share how to make a homemade centerpiece that looks anything but homemade. A florist uses the right products to make wedding centerpieces as quick and simple as possible.

Here I greened up an OASIS® Floral Foam Design Ring. This is a florist supply product that professionals use when they design for a wedding. I put an inexpensive lantern in the center to give it an added woodsy feel.

First Start with lots of green foliage for your centerpieces

I suggest an overabundance of leafy greens with just a few flowers mixed in. Use large loops of lemon grass, tight clusters of pitt, flat leaf fern and leather leaf fern. Trail ivy out on the edges.

Be sure to use the same supplies as a florist would use. You need to spray the greens with leafshine and the flowers with a sealant.

Now if you would like to add some flowers and a candle instead of a lantern, see how it looks with ivory roses and some berries. The 14 1/2" design is large enough to accomodate a glass globe if you want to make a hurricane centerpiece.

Pin camouflage material around the bottom half of the candles for an extra hunting wedding touch. (Heat the pins over a candle and they will insert easier.)

Another change would be to tuck a square of camouflage material in the center of the OASIS® Floral Foam Design Ring. Place hunting-theme figurines or duck decoys in the center of the centerpiece.

Hunting Wedding Cake

Here is a camo wedding cake I did for a local wedding. It was so much fun to do! I cut two logs to use as the hunting theme cake stand and then surrounded the bottoms with fall leaves.

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As a professional florist, I know the challenge for most DIY brides isn't the labor - it's finding the place to buy all the supplies professionals use. Most flower shops are reluctant to sell you any floral products, because they'd rather make it for you instead. Check out my store below, where you can buy all the florist supplies you need.

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