How to Wire
Boutonniere Leaves

I love adding interest and texture to boutonniere designs by using different foliages.  Leather leaf fern is a common greenery and used frequently in bouquets, centerpieces, corsages and more.

Using just a small leaflet from a stem of fern, thread a 26 gauge wire through the leaves of a frond.

Gently bend the wire down in a hairpin fashion, hooking the wire over two of the leaves.

Be careful not to pull too hard and strip any leaves off the greenery stem.  Tape the wire in a single stem.  Repeat, wiring and taping another stem of greenery.

Lay the two fronds together and tape as one stem.

Leather leaf is long lasting.  Misting with water alone on greenery sometimes leaves a spotty residue if it is hard water.  Florists generally seal both flowers and greenery with products that lock in the moisture and create a beautiful finish.

Using a plant polish gives your designs that professional touch.  Although florists invest in extremely large cans, I do provide a smaller can meant for a one time use for the DIY bride.

Using the right products that ensure both cut flowers and greens remain fresh as possible is the key to being able to create flower designs days in advance.  This saves the DIY bride valuable time and assures her that those designs will still stay fresh throughout her entire wedding day.

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