How to Wire a
Boutonniere Leaf

A basic part of boutonniere making is learning how to wire and accent the design with fresh leaves.  This is actually a chrysanthemum leaf off the same stem as the flowers that I wired in the earlier steps of this tutorial.

Using another 26 gauge green florist wire, pierce the leaf in a stitch pattern, making sure that you position the wire above the veins of the leaf.

Gently bend the end of the wire down at an angle that makes it parallel to the leaf stem.  Take care not to tear the leaf itself while bending the wire.

Now bend down the other side of the wire, creating an open wire loop that is secured around the veins of the leaf. 

Use florist tape to secure the wire to the stem of the leaf.  The wire can also extend the stem down lower than the actual flower leaf.  Now that the leaf is supported by wire, you'll be able to bend it however you need to cradle the flower head of the boutonniere.

Fresh leaves should be given a quick soaking in tepid water before using to hydrate the leaves.  I also use leafshine, which seals the leaves and prevents early moisture loss and early wilting.

Flowers leaves sometime look spotty and mottled with hard water residue.  Leafshine gives them a shiny appearance that dries to a high gloss, giving a more attractive appearance to the boutonniere.

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