How to Use
Decorative Boutonniere Wire

Remember the decorative accent I made with light purple wire?  Once the boutonniere has it's stem wrapped with skinny wire, I use more of the same to wrap around the decorative wire and bind it to the side of the boutonniere.

This step could have actually been done at the same time while wire wrapping the stem, but it's a little harder to manage.  It doesn't take much more skinny wire to do it separately.

Start by inserting the cut end of the skinny wire thru the wire already wrapped around the stem near the top.

Twist the wire down, attaching the decorative looped wire to the side of the boutonniere.

You may have to bend the thicker wire open in order to get all the way down to the bottom of the stem.

Wrap back up the stem, meeting it's first cut end.

Use needle nose pliers to twist the wire together, securing this new wrap (and decorative accent) to the boutonniere.

Cut off the wire when finished and turn the cut end in towards the boutonnere so no sharp ends are exposed.

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