How to Make
Wedding Bouquet Designs

Easy Step-by-Step Flower Tutorials for the DIY Bride

You can learn how to make wedding bouquet designs that look very professional, will amaze your guests, and save you lots of money!

These easy step-by-step tutorials break down every stage of making bridal bouquets.

Please don't feel limited to using the exact same colors and materials. It's helpful to browse through ALL the tutorials if you are planning on making your own wedding flowers. You will then begin to get a feel for processing the flowers, using the products correctly and see how florists keep the bouquets fresh.

For this bouquet, you will need the following:

Elegant Bouquet Holder (your choice of style)
1 Coil Decorative Wire (your choice of color)
Crystal Clear Flower Food
Floralock Stem Adhesive
4-5 Stems Casa Blanca Oriental Lilies
Finishing Touch
Sharp Knife
Needle Nose Pliers

1. Prepare the Bouquet Holder Properly

2. Create a Wire Collar

3. Attach the Collar to the Bouquet Holder

4. Flower the Bouquet with Lilies

5. Finish with Floralock and Finishing Touch

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