How to Make Tulle Bows

There is another tutorial on how to make tulle bows that use loops instead of cut ends. You may want to check it out if this tulle bow isn't exactly what you want.

Now that you've created the braided tulle circle and cut the lengths for the bow's tail , you need to add those tails to the tulle circle.

Take the top part of the bow's tail where it is folded and go OVER the ring as shown in the photo below. (The opening is indicated in red below.)

Pick up the tail ends and pull them through that opening between that is created by the folded end and the circle. This is similar to the action taken when hooking a rug.

Gently pull the tails until the loop is closed tightly around the braid ring, holding the tails fast to that circle.

If you find the steps confusing, you can always simply tie the tails to the ring, creating a square knot. I like doing it this way because I find it easier and faster than tying those lose ribbon tails.

This same "hooking rug" action is how you are going to fasten all the other cut loops of tulle to the bow's center circle.

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