How to Make a
Mixed Rose Bouquet

I have many step by step flowers tutorials teaching you how to make different styles of wedding bouquets.  For this large bouquet, I think it would be perfect to use the newer European bouquet holder by Oasis.

Check out my detailed tutorial on making a hand tied wedding bouquet with this big holder that provides a constant water source to your flowers.  This contributes greatly to having the flowers last much longer on the wedding day!

Here are the supplies and flowers you will need for this mixed rose design:

Follow the detailed instructions on float soaking the bouquet holder in water that has been treated with cut flower food.  (This adds to the life of the flowers).

Cut and process your bulk wedding flowers  properly.  This is a step that sets professional designers apart from amateurs.  This ensures that the flowers will last longer and open to their full beauty on your wedding day.

Sort your flowers and have ready for easy access on mixing the flowers uniformly as you insert into the bouquet.  I usually like to insert all of one type of flower (the largest focal flower), then inserting all the next flower and so forth, finishing with any greenery and filler flowers.  This assures an even distribution of the mix of flowers throughout your entire bouquet.

The rounded look starts with the tallest flower in the center and then slowly angling your flowers outward, so that the flowers on the edge are facing at a 90 degrees angle from your first inserted flower.

Cut loops of ribbon and wire to Cowee picks.  Insert on lower half of the bouquet.

Use Floralock in short bursts to secure all stems into the bouquet holder.  Mist throughly with Finishing Touch and allow to dry before refrigerating. 

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