How to Make Kissing Balls

Easy Step by Step Flower Arranging

Learning how to make kissing balls is much simpler with the netted spheres by Oasis. Flower balls used to required extensive taping to maintain the integrity to the round foam.

Oasis now encased their foam spheres with a tough netting that is flexible and completely supports the weight of the heaviest flowers and water.

For this pomander, you will need the following supplies:

4 1/2" Oasis Foam Sphere
12" Wide Ribbon (must be strong and waterproof)
1-2 Stems leatherleaf fern
1 stem Seeded Eucalyptus
1-2 stems Miniature Carnations
1-2 stems Burgandy Mums
Lomey Pearl Pins
Lomey Flower Gems
Finishing Touch Spray
Floralock Stem Adhesive

1. Add the Ribbon Handle

2. Greening in the Pomander

3. Flowering in the foam

4. Adding in Flower Jewelry

5. Securing Stems with Flower Adhesive

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