How to Make Centerpieces

Learning how to make centerpieces correctly simply means paying attention to details. I have begun to fill this arrangement in with leather leaf fern, taking care to tilt my bottom fern pieces down, then up slowly as I move up the centerpiece and will stand the shorter pieces almost straight up when I reach the top around the chimney holder.

Coming closer to the top, I begin using shorter pieces of fern to fill in the design.

Now I begin to point some of the pieces of fern inward, covering the mechanics of the glass chimney holder.

Do this on all side, thickly covering the mechanics of your design.

See how it becomes camouflaged by the greenery?

With the basics all filled in with leather, I'm now ready to have fun with other kinds of greenery.

I love using seeded eucalyptus, except I like to use the seeds only and pull off the round leaves.

Insert these stems into clusters here and there around the arrangement.

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